The Descendants of Tarakona

A Game of Catch up Part 1

The Descendants of Tarakona wiki hasn’t been updates in a few months, so I decided to catch everyone up…

As we all know, the adventuring group known as the Intruders set out from Goliath city to establish a trade route for the merchants of the city. They had a choice of where to go:

West: Which consisted of plains and rolling hills. The people of Goliath city didn’t talk of the west very much.

North: Which consist of mountains and dry regions. It is also infested with orcs.

East: The area the Intruders came from. We all know what is waiting for travelers in that direction; more orcs and a insanely pesky clan of gnome barbarians.

South: Which consisted of a swamp full of disease and danger.

Of course the Intruders chose the south. And of course the swamp contained all of the dangers promised. But not all dangers are ugly black monsters. Some are beautiful damsels in distress. At least on the outside. The perfect example of this is the beautiful Therlasha.

Therlasha was beautiful eladrin that was found in the swamp. She was trapped by a tree that was slowly consuming her. Smitten by her beauty, Tehbest ran to her rescue. He did not seem to care about his own safety. He even acted like a ‘love sick school boy’ according to Hirk. This was the first warning that the heroes wouldn’t heed.

After defeating the strange tree that tried to consume Therlasha, she offered the clueless adventures a reward at her village. So with coins in their eyes, and greed in their hearts, the Intruders followed the eladrin back to her village. There was also the chance of finding new contacts for the goliath merchants. The eladrin led the party through the swamp. As they followed her Hirk noticed that the area became more and more littered with bones from humanoids. He nudged Ember and pointed them out. Ember in turn passed the word on to the rest of the party.

This turned out to be the second and most fatal warning of all.

Once the party was deep enough in the swamp the eladrin shrieked and four trolls erupted from the trees. The last surprise was that the eladrin was really a swamp hag in disguise.

The party fought valiantly, but the trolls proved too much for them. Arjuna and Tehbest managed to escape leaving the slower members, Hirk and Ember, to fend for themselves. Ember could not match her friend’s speed because of her heavy plate armour. Hirk wouldn’t leave because of his pride. He felt like a coward running away and left his friend’s behind.

This proved his undoing. Ember and Hirk got as far as possible. Ember even tried to carry the wounded half orc to safety. But he only slowed her down.

After much urging from Hirk, Ember left him behind and ran to catch up with the others. Hirk caught his second wind and ran back into the swamp and in the opposite direction of his friends. Thus buying his friends more time to escape.

Hirk the half orc barbarian was never heard from again.



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