The Descendants of Tarakona

A Game of Catch up Part 2

The caravan travels the swamp for a few more days. They are still shocked by the death of Hirk, their old party member. As the caravan plods along they find river and across the river another caravan. The Intruders walk closer to try and hail the caravan and then they notice that this caravan is carrying human cargo. They also notice that the members of the caravan are humanoid frog like creatures. The creatures are Sahuagin they look like they are looking to add the other caravan members to their cargo.

The Intruders eventually defeat he creatures and free the captive. The captive is thankful to be free, but his joy is soon over shadows by the appearance of a fey crocodile. The beast proves to be a difficult challenge, but the party manages to defeat it as well. After the battle Kakihara, who was freed a second time because the giant crocodile had swallowed him whole, tell the party that the Sahuagin captured him defending a small settlement nearby.

The goliath merchants want to see this village and want to try and establish contact with the settlement. The Intruders are a little cautious of this strange new man. This same situation was how they were led to the trolls that slew Hirk. But they follow him and are more cautious than lat time. They finally arrive at the settlement and it is named Econlocahatchee.

The settlement is run down and the people beaten are broken. It seems they have been fighting off the Sahuagin attacks ever since they came up river from the sea and began to take the humans for their own foul use. The evil creatures would periodically come and carry off a citizen of the city. But this time they took Kakihara and thus sparing them.

The goliath merchants offer to help the settlement to rebuild and fortify it against further attacks. The people of the village, after holding council with their mysterious leader, accept the offer and the Intruders, along with the goliath’s porters, help rebuild the city and train the people to defend themselves.

During their stay at the settlement the Intruders the intruders are called to meet with the mouth piece of the mysterious leader. The leader of the settlement, by way of his human spokes person, request that he Intruders go to the Sahuagin’s settlement and raze it to the ground. The mysterious leader feels this is the best way to insure that the humans are safe from further attack. The Intruders agrees to the mission and set out to find the Sahuagin settlement and wipe it out.

The intruders accept the mission and begin t look for the Sahuagin. They soon found the settlement and began destroying it. This would be impossible for some, but Tehbest got the idea to lure the soldiers down a narrow corridor of foliage and into booby traps and the waiting adventures. All looks good as Kakhara goes into a spinning maneuver and takes out the rest of the first wave.

The second wave is bigger and more determined to kill the Intrudres. The adventures are in a tight spot when they see a large black dragon land and join in the fight. He joins in the fight and helps turn back the Sahuagin. This is when the adventures discover that the mysterious leader of the humans is really a black dragon named Kithanath. After the arrival of the black dragon, the Sahuagin agree to leave the area and never return.

The Intruders return to Econlocahatchee victorious and of course there is another celebration. After days of celebrating, the Intruders and the goliath merchants set off for Hindea and to further the merchant’s trade influence.



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