The Descendants of Tarakona

A Game of Catch up Part 3

The party was traveling along a path in the swamp when they came upon their old nemesis, the Swamp Hag. This time she is with a group of Phase Spiders instead of her troll minions.
The fight was hard and fast, but the brave adventures finally defeat the spiders. The hag, knowing she was next, ran through a cave entrance. The adventures followed just in time to see that the Swamp Hag has run through a door in the cave’s wall.
The party tried to follow, but the door shut tight. And it didn’t seem to open. While trying to figure out how to open the door, Ardjuna notices a placard that read,

“For those that enter, be warned.
Once you enter, you cannot walk out.
Our enemies are tapped here.
If you would like your freedom returned,
defeat the enemies imprisoned here.”

The door eventually opened and the adventures went in. After the last of the party enters, the door slams shut and true to the warning, the door would not reopen. Ahead of them was a flight of stairs ascending up to a door on the opposite side of the cave’s wall.
While climbing the stairs the party is attacked by two gargoyles and a harpy. As the gargoyles swoop in and rend the party members with their claws, the harpy sung a song that causes the party pain. And to add to their problems the party has to chase the flying beast across a trap that cast a slow spell on whoever steps on the triggering square.
Tehbest and Ember have no problems with the trap. Tehbest uses his magic to fly himself and Ember outside the trap’s area of affect. Ardjuna slowly makes it over after hitting some of the rigged squares. Grant, the mysterious half elf, teleports outside of the area of effect. The only one who had a real problem with the trap was Kakihara. He seemed to hit every trap square and thus slowed his advances to a snail like pace.
The gargoyle and harpies were eventually slain and the party took a short rest. As the adventures sit outside the door, Kakihara notices another placard that talks about two artifacts of power held by two enemies tapped in the dungeon. It seems that there is a new goal on the party’s minds; Defeat the Swamp hag, free themselves from the dungeon, and find the artifacts.



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