The Descendants of Tarakona

A Letter to Count Dashwood

The heroes explore the new land.

To the noble Count Dashwood,

We write to inform you of our survey of the lands around King’s Hope. In the past month, we have crossed what we could of the New Land and have found mostly forests, grasslands and rolling hills. Thankfully, the mild winter made it possible for us to do this and at this time, we have found no signs of an approaching army. However, we must report grave findings far to the west.

It seems there is a giant Scar across the land about a weeks travel east of King’s Hope. The Scar divides this isthmus on which your new City and its hinterland stands from the rest of the continent to the west. We first found a dark and foreboding forest that stretched from the south coast to the north coast. While we ran into no trouble crossing the forest, (besides dark feeling and shadows) on the other side there was a deep ridge.

Filling this ridge were thousands of undead. Creatures of all sorts, some we could not even identify. They seemed to be bound to the crack in the land. Both sides of the ridge have steep slopes, and our one (and extremely brief) attempt to cross this threshold seemed to magically draw the undead’s attention to us. Immediately backing way seemed to bring things back to normal.

It is our assumption that this Scar acts as some type of ward. Whether to keep people out or to prevent passage across, we cannot be sure. There is something else of note, for in what appeared to be the center of this gorge, there was a tall tower. It was too far off for many details, but the top was radiating some sort of dark, purple light.

Conducting a thorough search of the areas closest to the tower, we could find no way of circumventing the undead scar. However, there were signs that the ground, near the tower, leading into the scar was magically disturbed. It is our belief that was caused by Baron Wolsner. His connection to this place is impossible to tell, but we believe that this army he spoke of will be made up of these undead we found. At this time we have no reason to believe Wolsner has anything to do with the scar. Everything around it points to an ancient origin, possible dating back over a thousand years. Let us hope he has only found some minor way to influence this dark place.

It is our intent to stay in King’s Hope till this army of Wolsner’s attacks. Please feel free to use our talents in anyway you feel fit for the defense of the city. We await any orders you wish to give us.

Your humble servants, The Company of Adventurers



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