The Descendants of Tarakona

A Tale of Two Towns

After barely surviving the encounters with the Sahuagin and the giant Fey Crocodile, the Intruders and the partially digested Kakihara finally get a moment to speak and learn that the young monk was captured while trying to save citizens of a village just to the east. Upon hearing this Ardjuna and Tehbest decide it would be a perfect location for trade. Once the caravan arrived the heroes were greeted with a view of a settlement on its last leg. The buildings were run down and the people weren’t much better. The streets were cluttered with garbage and debris. It seemed that the Sahuagin were making regular raids on the settlement and the people there had lost heart. Tehbest decided it was better that only the heroes, along with Kakihara, go in and tell the settlement that they were just outside the town and not to be afraid. At first the citizens were hesitant. They had been beaten and murdered for so long anyone new was looked upon with suspicion. The town’s people finally agreed after consulting their leader, which they did in privacy. No one was allowed to see the leader of Econlocahatchee. Ember and Ardjuna pressed the town’s people with questions about the town’s leader and even requested to meet him. This only got dirty looks and a less than polite response. To seal the deal a feast, or the closest thing the town of Econlocahatchee could make, was created. Soon the heroes were full of fish, turtle, and the local vegetables. Some drank the home brewed drink from the distilleries. It seemed that Ardjuna and Tehbest were big fans of it. Thus making sure they would not be able to take watch that night. Later that night, Ember and Kakihara watch on section of the town. As the night slowly passed, Ember and Kaki saw some of the town’s people walking off into the swamp. Ember suggested that Kakihara follow them since she would be noticed. Kakihara did follow the town’s people and saw them perform some kind of ritual. The he heard a whisper. Or was it the wind? Whatever it was the town’s people seemed to be listening to the ‘whisper’ to give them instruction. Once it looked like the council was over, Kakihara snuck away and returned to the town. Once he arrived, he told the others what he saw. Despite the excessive amount oif alcohol, Tehbest and Ardjuna wanted to investigate. So, using the excuse thath the heroes needed to patrol for Sahuagin, they ventured into the swamp. Once they arrived at the ritual site, they couldn’t find any clues. They then returned to the town of Econlocahatchee. The following weeks were full of building and training. Ardjuna supervised the workers. Ember taught how to use a sword. Kakihara taught them how to defend themselves using only hand to hand combat. And Tehbest flirted with the attractive women. Then one day the town’s council asked for a meeting with the heores. They had decided that it would be better to just wipe out the Sahuagin’s settlement because they feared that they sea devils would come back and harm their town. Ardjuna swiftly agreed and the Intruders were committed to driving the Sahuagin from that area of swamp or destroying the settlement. The next day the heroes set out to find the Sahuagin settlement and toe drive them out. Kakihara used hi stealth and scouted ahead and found the settlement an reported back what he saw. Ardjuna got the idea of setting up a narrow corridor that led to an opening in the foliage so that the Sahuagin would not be able to spread out and attack them. The first time they met the Sahuagin, The party was separated by the evil creatures and, supported by the Sahuagin mages, nearly defeated. There was also a spiked pit set up in the middle of the corridor so that any that stepped out it would fall in to their death. Now that the killing area was set up, Tehbest called forth lightening to lure some of het Sahuagin out and eventually to the slaughter. Sure enough the Sahuagin sent out a party of warriors to investigate the explosions and noise. Once the Sahuagin saw the heroes at the end of the corridor they sounded the alarm and charged in. Tehbest beamed with pride as one of the reptiles fell into the pit and landed upon the spikes in the bottle. His celebration was cut short as the Sahuagin climbed out. He was bloody but still alive. Tehbest declared that he would be the first to taste his lightning attacks. Soon after the smell of burned flesh permeated the air as the survivor of the pit was struck by a blue bolt lightening blast. As the sorcerer was hurling lightning bolts down upon his chosen targets, Ardjuna and Ember stepped forward with swords drawn and shields raised. Two of the Sahuagin crashed into them during their charge, but Ardjuna and Ember held their ground and began to beat back the two attackers. While the two fought four more Sahuagin joined the fight. Kakihara leapt into the fray but was beaten back by the Sahuagin. Ember breathed heavily as two Sahuagin fell before her. Her rest was short lived as three more moved in to fill the hole. The warlord Ardjuna commanded Kakihara to move back into battle. They were beginning to lose the advantage. If the sea devils managed to push the two warriors back into the opening, they could surround them and all would be lost. Tehbest yelled for the two to hold on while he readied a spell. As he began chatting Kakihara suddenly became a blur of punches and kicks as he engaged the foes. The Sahuagin dropped like sacks of wet meat as Kakihara came to rest next to Ember. All of the Intruders stood looking slack jawed at the destruction their newest companion dealt. This only lasted a few seconds as the second wave of sea devil warriors charged in.



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