The Descendants of Tarakona

Across the Scar and Over the Mountains.

After defeating the Silver Dragon of the Tower in the Scar, the Company made preparations for a journey across the mountains which reared up along the western side of the Scar.

Soon a pass was found and a trail. Very soon along the trail, there was found a small cave and a shrine therein to the Bloodthirsty Orcish God Gruumsh. (It was later discovered that the Orcs were wont to pray there before they made trials of strength against the undead in the Scar.)

The Adventurers were ambushed in the night by orcish skirmishers whom the heroes drove off. The next day the party confronted an orcish warlord and his retinue in the pass. The Paladin Ember defeated the warlord in single combat, and the orcs acknowledged the Adventurers as fighters worthy of respect. The party visted the orcish village and exchanged information. Learning of a goliath town nearby, the Company set out to investigate. It was then that something funny happened…



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