The Descendants of Tarakona

The Conquest of the Tower

Our doughty heroes returned to King’s Hope from the Isle of Storms. Their tidings were confused, but they felt they had some vague assurance from Talishmar that they could approach the Tower in the Scar now without any fear from the undead.

When their expedition arrived at the forest which masked that great ravine from the western lands, they were suddenly accosted by the Silver Dragon which had claimed for his own the Tower and the lordship over the undead in the Scar. One blast of his breath and one mighty swipe from his claws convinced the Company to withdraw.

But the priest Karak, ever cunning in ways to avoid or circumvent open battle, contrived a clever plan: that the adventurers should parley with the iron dragon Titus on the Isle of Storms and convince him to help them defeat the silver dragon. They would then offer the tower to Titus as a reward. Return to the isle they did, and Titus did agree, although he insisted that the adventurers must also persuade several of the other young dragons and wyrmlings of the isle to join them.

In a month’s time, the flying host of dragonettes joined with the Company of Adventurers at the forest opposite the Tower in the Scar. All seemed ready for victory, but nevertheless the dragonettes could not pass through the mystical shielding blockign the Tower. The heroes therefore must needed venture out into the Scar, trusting that the flying host would distract the Silver Dragon.

Talishmar’s magical gift proved to be some sort of boon within each adventurer’s breast which allowed him to pass through the midst of the undead unharmed and unnoticed. The barbaric Hirc leapt mightily across the yawning chasm dividing the Tower from the land, and the rest of the party followed on ropes. Inside the Tower, a Bloodkiss Beholder almost overwhelmed the party, but drawign upon every resource the adventurers prevailed. A series of puzzles and traps were overcome until an upper room was reached. There the party performed a ritual which began to shut down the magical powers of the Tower.

At this point the priest Karak performed a ritual and made a great shout to the dragonlings. The host took tothe air and a mighty battle ensued with the Silver Dragon. Titus fell in the fray, and many wyrmlings perished, but the Silver Dragon was defeated and the Tower was taken. In the end it was decided that Thereistra the Eladrin Wizard would settle in the Tower and maintain watch upon the Scar.



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