The Descendants of Tarakona

The Expedition into the Vast Swamp, and What was Found There

The Priest Karak retired after his long life of adventures. Now he seeks to serve his God Kord in more pastoral ministry.

The Expedition was outfitted by the Goliath merchants with the advice of the Prince Ardjuna, who also persuades them to purchase some useful magical rituals for the environmental rigors and dangers of the Swamp.

After some days and good traveling, the Expedition found an elfin maiden unconscious and bruised by a tree beside a stream. The Sorcerer Tebest took a special interest in her welfare (although the woods-wise Savage Herc was more instrumental in the actual dressage of her wounds). The Party forthwith began tracking the elf’s assailants, and it was ambushed by monstrous trees and vines. A short but sharp fight ensued in which the monsters proved frustratingly resistant, indeed too welcoming, to the Sorcerer’s and the Barbarian’s lightning.

Afterwards the lithesome elf led the entire Expedition to her village in the swamp. The Goliaths and Ardjuna were hopeful of a good location for a new trading outpost and way station. As the Expedition passed through a bone and trash littered tunnel, the Paladin’s suspicions were arroused. Nonetheless, no one could imagine or discern the truth.

Alas! For suddenly four huge Trolls attacked from four quarters. When the Company manoeuvred for a better tactical position, the Trolls ignored them and slaughetred six of the unfortunate porters of the Goliaths. To rescue the porters, the Adventurers had to divide their efforts and strike separately at the four Trolls.

Things got worse, for the beautiful elf turned into a loathsome and treacherous Bog Hag, who almost immediately attacked. Soon the true hopelessness of the situation emerged: the Trolls regenerated all damage dealt to them, even rising from the earth once felled, and every Hero within the sickening aura of the Bog Hag found his healing much hampered. In the end the Company made an ignominious retreat, save for the truly heroic attempts of the Paladin Ember to assist the fallen Herc. Great was the woe of all in that Expedition when the mighty Herc ultimately fell forever beneath the heavy clubs and hungry fangs of the Trolls.


The Prince Ardjuna, somewhat shamed by his precipitous retreat from danger, immediately vowed revenge up the Trolls. Herc’s death must be repaid and his body recovered for burial! Moreover, how could such a strong threat to the future trade route remain unvanquished?


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