The Descendants of Tarakona

The Goliath's Town

There is a Goliath town to the southwest of the Scar in the mountains. Fierce Gnomish barbarians lurk in its foothills, and savage Orcs raid from the north against the Goliaths. To the west lies a vast swamp criss-crossed with a myriad of rivers and streams.

The Goliaths are civilized and open to the world, eager for trade, knowledge and peaceful prosperity, but able to defend themselves: indeed they have no fear of the Orcs or the Gnomes. Therefore the Goliaths easily welcomed the strangers from beyond the Scar and were curious about all things to the east. The Company of Adventurers lodged in an inn and conversed with many inhabitants.

There were many Goliath merchants interested in far-reaching commerce: these merchants accepted the War against the Orcs in hopes of opening the trade route through the Scar. They also enlisted the services of our heroes in an expedition of exploration through the vast swamp, hoping to contact and trade with the rich merchants of Hindaea.

The Goliath Army, well organized and well trained, saw the opportunity presented by the advent of the Company, and thus the War against the Orcs commenced.

In the Goliath city also lives a Knight of the Sage, a member of the Order of the Knights of Paladune who worship and serve Bahamut through doing combat with the strife and chaos of the surrounding lands. He, too, expressed great interest in the campaign against the Orcs. He seemed especially pleased to ally himself with, not one, but two followers of Bahamut, even a Paladin herself! He did not show the same enthusiasm with the Hindaean prince, whose polytheistic views of religion bordered on blasphemous in the eyes of the Knight.

In the centre of the town rose a lofty tower, its architecture quite unlike the rest of the city, whose inhabitants were the famous Magi, an academic society for the understanding of all things arcane. Though their pretensions and cloistered behavior lead many to have a dim view of the society, the Magi have only ever strived to further knowledge, and have worked adamantly against taking any side in any battle. Such a neutral position has caused many people, such as the Hindaeans, to wonder whether such a group has the right to adjudicate on all matters Arcana, or if instead they should keep their opinions, and their laws, to themselves.


The Prince Ardjuna was especially gratified to find a community of civilized and educated people who knew of the wondrous land of Hindaea. Now he could imagine again to find his homeland and perhaps ven find allies in his quest to redeem it from evil.

The Goliath's Town

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