The Descendants of Tarakona

The Isle of Storms

The morning after the battle of King’s Hope, a silver dragon alighted on the walls and bespoke the gathered nobles and adventurers. He claimed the Tower in the Scar as his own and demonstrated his power over the undead with an orb by returning them to the Scar. The undead were magically dominated to guard the division between the Peninsula to the east and the Far Lands to the west beyond the Scar. The dragon havign no love for the Baron Wolsner, sent the adventurers to the Isle of Storms to speak with the Spirit of the Dragon Talishmar, who had created the Scar.

The Company of Adventurers hired a ship and a brave captain, but the storms surrouding the island were too much for even such a worthy ship and hardy crew. However, there was avillage on the mainland near the isle,a nd in that village there lived kobolds who worshipped the dragon Talishmar and had constructed a device made of ropes to pull small boats to the island through the storms.

The Company went over to the isle and met a kobold shaman who instructed them moroe in his religion of Talishmar. The Adventurers then marched around the island to gain access to Talshmar’s cave. On the way they fought several small but fierce dragonic wyrmlings and young dragons. A blue dragon named Varim guarded the entrance to Talishmar’s cave, and he bequested the Adventurers to close a magical portal in the northwest of the isle.

The portal was guarded by Baron Wolsner and his allies and minions. A deadly fight resulted in complete victory for our worthy heroes. The portal was closed by throwing the baron’s necromantic relic therein.

Upon being notified of the Company’s success, the blue dragon Varim allowed the adventurers to ascend to the summit of the mountain and commune with the Spirit of Talshmar. Satisfied that his island was freed from further invasion via the portal, Talishmar drew upon the energies of the mystical storms surrounding the isle (which energies had originated from himself) and bequeathed a subconscious knowledge to pass through the Undead of the Scar unmolested.



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