The Descendants of Tarakona

The River is Bridged with Great Difficulty.

The river which had lain between the Expedition and the Sea Devils now seemed open and free to cross. Therefore, the carpenters were set to building a bridge and the entire caravan began filing slowly across it.

Suddenly up sprang an enormous crocodile! It crashed through the bridge, wrecking its middle and the horrified Adventurers watched helplessly as the gargantuan monster swallowed three porters in one gulp. At the same moment three fell wraiths swooped noiselessly down upon the porters on that side of the river now separated from the Company by a broken and useless bridge.

With incredible swiftness, the Monk Kakihara sprang into action and leaped onto the tremendous reptile’s back, ready to deliver punishing blows with his fists of iron. But that abominable lizard thrashed mightily in the waters and threw the Monk off its back with ease. Kakihara lightly leaped out of the river to its bank, and yet the huge crocodile followed, snapping its enormous jaws shut upon the suddenly helpless Monk. One more bite, and down went the hapless Mystic into the leviathan’s gullet.

The Prince Ardjuna quickly swam to the other side of the river, and the Paladin Ember, ignoring the weight and encumbrance of her plate armour, plunged after him. The wraiths darted about them, defying any attempts at manoeuvre, and sword thrusts passed almost harmlessly through their unearthly material.



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