The Descendants of Tarakona

A New Land Awaits
Day 1

After nearly a week, the last night of the voyage had arrived. Everyone on board went to sleep in anticipation of being within sight of land when they awake. In her cabin, the Eladrin Theirastra meditated. Not needing real sleep, she explored the depths of her mind. A muffled cry broke her concentration. Quick, but heavy, footsteps on the deck above followed.

Realizing something was amiss, she awoke her bunkmates. If indeed something dangerous was going on on deck, she would need help. One of her roommates was Caydence Ember, a Paladin, and had with her heavy armor. The other was a fellow dabbler in the Arcane, Sha Sha.

Together, they exited the cabin. Looking around, to the aft of the ship they saw two men crumpled on the ground. A quick check confirmed their fears, dead. As the Paladin finished strapping on the last of her armor, the adjacent cabin opened. A Half-Orc, Karak, and odd looking Dwarf stepped out.

The Dwarf quickly explained how he too was awakened by a commotion and it was agreed that together they should investigate. They filed up the steps onto the deck. A full moon lit the ship well and to the far side they could see several armed men. One of them appeared to be the noble aboard ship, he was surrounded closely by two men holding short swords. Three others seemed on watch and their gaze quickly went to the newcomers. Flourishing their daggers, they approached.

In a blink, Theirastra vanished. Just as quickly she reappeared on top of some crates. With a flick of a wand, she began harassing the three look outs. Though slightly startled by this, her companions brought the fight to the brigands. By the time the two men surrounding the noble realized what was happening, they found themselves surrounded as well.

Using his staff more like a morning star, Karak cracked one man over the head. His Half-Orc strength, combined with Divine power knocked the life from him. His partner also found the Dwarf was accomplished with a blade. Wounded, outnumbered and panicked, the would be assassin threw himself over the ship’s railing and splashed into the sea. It seemed drowning was preferable to his partner’s fate.

With the assassins polished off, introductions were in order. Though the noble had a minor injury, it was nothing major. As Karak tended to the minor wound, he introduced himself as Count Dashwood. He is making the move to The New Land as many had before him. Specifically though, he is moving to help support his good friend Duke Austin, the governor of the new settlement there, King’s Hope.

Later that day, the ship pulled into the harbor. Count Dashwood arranged for his rescuers’ belongings to be taken care of and invited them all to visit the Duke with him. A reward was in order and he was sure the Duke would be interested in meeting able adventures willing to lend a hand.

Duke Austin was indeed quiet happy to meet such people. Not only had they saved his good friend, but he was also in need of some resouceful people at the moment. He explained to the group how his daughter was going through a difficult pregnacy and that his son was out on a hunting expedition. Wanting his family together during this trying time, he asked if the group would be willing to fetch his son and inform him of the situation. Though the Dwarf made a small fuss about payment, the group agreed.

As they left the audience chamber, Dashwood explained how he would take care of their belongings and also gave them their reward. (some coins and a couple of potions) As time was important, Dashwood arranged an escort to the edge of the city and informed them that the Duke’s son had planned to travel north, into the forest about a days walk from the city. Soon, the group was making good time, traveling along a small ridge that led to, and supposedly then paralled the forest.

As evening approached, dark storm clouds gathered in the distance. The forest was to their left and the group was tracking the Duke’s son and his entourage, expecting the tracks to soon veer into the woods. As the storm approached, their attention was caught by howls coming from the forest. Turning to look, they saw a man running as if for his life. The reason was soon clear as a small pack of wolves burst out of the trees behind him. As the group hurried down the ridge to help, the wolves caught up with their prey.

(still in progress)


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