Age of Enchantment

Both the Arcane and the Divine grew and prospered quickly during the next two hundred years. It was spurred on mostly by the creativity of the Humans and past to others throughout Tarakona by the daring of the nomadic Halflings. Six hundred years of isolationism finally saw its first, small crack.

As knowledge and power increased, the practice of enchantment became a primary focus. Through the infusing of magic into common items, daily life was improved ten fold. People flourished, cities grew and expanded and more land than ever was tamed.

Wand use became common practice as huge markets grew around their diversity. It was normal to see people carrying four or five wands with them everywhere they went, each with a different spell enchanted upon it. City guards, the military and even shopkeepers could be found armed with an offensive wand as opposed to a sword or a bow.

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Age of Enchantment

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