Here you will find all the characters in the campaign. The PC’s are first, followed by important NPC’s. At the bottom you will find information on the groups enemies and nemeses, both alive and dead. Click here if you’d like more information about our campaign world.

Player Characters

Retired Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

Enemies and Nemeses
  • Kalimi Boberic A Kobold Wild Mage who has become a thorn in Hirk’s side
Deceased Enemies and Nemeses
  • Rambic and Butchizit A Kobold Dragonshield and his pet drake
  • Ishmeer A Blue Dragon Wyrmling, worshiped by Kobolds
  • [[:mbt-Rockbottom and Nibblet|Rockbottom and Nibblet]] A dwarf and a rogue, members of an evil guild and henchmen sent by the villain Baron Wolsner the necromancer


The Descendants of Tarakona Peterm