Fragmentation of the Races

With steady beacons of light in the darkness, the civilized races returned to a normal life. Trade routes and diplomatic ties were formed between the City-States. For a while, life flourished peacefully.

But, as the peace lasted, there was more time for reflection. The idea began to spread that people were better off surrounded by their own kind. Soon massive migrations took place as the races attempted to reshuffle themselves within the City-States.

As the demographics of the City-States rapidly changed, the demographics of the governments could not keep up. Upheaval and unrest became common as the races found themselves represented by people not of their kind. Government began to break down at all levels.

As the once cosmopolitan cities feel apart, the races of Tarakona made the decision to return to their roots. The wild lands were tamer than they had been and many people began to venture further out. While several of the ancient cities were lost to time, the Elves retreated to the forests, the Dwarves to the desert mines in the south and the Halflings took up a nomadic lifestyle.

Only the Humans remained with the cities. However, the loss of much of the population forced many into the wilds to form smaller communities. Even more of the great cities fell as the power of the original City-States dissolved.

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Fragmentation of the Races

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