Guild Hall

A solid, two story brick building, with a small tower jutting up out of the north east corner. A small fenced garden faces the street. The home is in the Noble District of King’s Hope. It is the built up part of a larger plot of land in the district given to the party by Duke Austin, through Count Dashwood. The front door leads to the entrance hall

Here is a floorplan of the guildhall. Guildhall map!

Description of each of the rooms go here:

There are twelve currently ‘unassigned’ rooms, labled 1a-6b. Each player was set to have a bedroom and a personal room. I’ve left the assignments of each up to the players. Most A-B pairs of rooms are similarly sized, but some offer significantly larger rooms, and a small, private room. The idea is that a wizard could have a decent sized library, that was accessible to the house (although it might be locked, etc.) or a small private study that you would have to cross their bedroom to get at.

Players can call out dibbs on whatever room they want, first come, first serve. Detailed posts describing the rooms would be appreciated. You can make one of your rooms common (available to everyone) or you can have private rooms.

A few notes, room 1a and 5a are windowless. To compensate for this, room package 1 has a larger room alotment, and is the only first floor room. Package 5 contains a balcony (5C) and is pretty sweet. Yes, package 6 has a tower, yes, that is awesome. It’s also the only room you can get to without being visable from the front of the house.

Guild Hall

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