Talishmar's Grave

The successful defense of King’s Hope, aided by the adventurers, led to Baron Wolsner fleeing under the cover of his Bone Mongrel Dracolich. The destruction of this Dracolich’s phylactery broke Wolsner’s control of his undead, returning them to an aimless state, similar to what was witnessed in the scar. This ended the siege, and the problem of the aimless undead was left to the morning, while King’s Hope recuperated.

The next morning, Count Dashwood was surveying the undead from the walls with the famed adventurers, when a silver flash was seen approaching from the distance. Stunning to most, it turned out to be a Dragon, which flew over the undead several times. As it did so, something in its front claws pulsated a dark purple color several times and soon, the undead begin moving away from King’s Hope, into the west.

The shimmering silver Dragon then made a landing on the wall near the heroes. Amazingly enough, it is said a civil conversation commenced, as the Dragon spoke about the tower, its purpose to isolate the peninsula from the rest of the continent and how he only came to recently take over the position of lord of the tower(recently from a dragon’s perspective, we presume.) He told of the original creator of the tower and the scar, an ancient Dragon named Talishmar.

Years ago, Talishmar abandoned his tower and headed to the island in the northeast. There he passed on, leaving, it is believed, his magical, and perhaps spiritual, essence behind. It is this that causes the constant storm to rage over the island. The Dragon suggested that if more knowledge of the tower was desired, they should seek out what remains of Talishmar on his island.

Therefore, the hardened and determined adventurers traveled to this island, though they did so through great difficulty. What they found was a rain-lashed and barren mountain infested with hobgoblins and Dragons. Nearly all of these Dragons seemed to by just wyrmlings, but it was surprising to find so many. It was quickly learned that there was some portal on the island, which allowed creatures small enough to pass through, onto the island. However, it was only one-way and the raging storm proved too much for any thing to fly. Thus, they were all stuck on the island.

It seemed all of these Dragons had some relation to storms and lightning and had been drawn to the island by the myth of Talishmar and his power rumored to be left on the island. They constantly fought and very few seemed to survive long enough to grow much beyond wyrmling status. However, one Dragon, named Varim, was said to be the oldest on the island and had taken up residence near the peak, the resting place of Talishmar. Though it is said he claims otherwise, many believe he has found Talishmar’s power and is hoarding it for himself.

(to be continued when the PC’s actually experience more)

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Talishmar's Grave

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