Taming a World without Dragons

What remains of the early histories of Tarakona tells of a short time when all of the races lived at peace. However, with the war over and the protection of the dragons gone, settlements across the continent began to be assaulted by the uncivilized beings of Tarakona. Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and many others began rampaging freely throughout the land.

There was not much left of many cities and towns after the Dragon War. Many of these smaller settlements were abandoned. Soon, what few people who were left began gathering solely in larger, walled cities. Without the freedom to farm and hunt, and with the quickly increasing population in these cities, supplies began to run low.

Though the races had banded together to fight the dragons, historically, the dragons had always been in charge. This new crisis quickly demonstrated the need for lasting leadership. While some of the cities fell, others found, within their walls, leaders capable of taking charge and bringing safety to the people.

This proper leadership was able to direct armies that were accustomed to fighting single, large targets, and retrain and focus them on the masses of monsters now at the gates. Soon, many of the remaining cites were able to claim some of the wilds around them. Farming and hunting was reestablished and starvation ended.

These successful cities became the original, ancient City-States. Though none of these governments still exist today, a few of the cities remain standing. These cities can trace their histories back hundreds of years.

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Taming a World without Dragons

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