The Archmages War

War had produced many powerful wizards and victory had engendered arrogance. It was not long before these newly proclaimed Archmages began vying for power. Some usurped control of nations and they all lusted after each others’ secrets.

Again the armies of Tarakona clashed, this time led by and against the Archmages. Colossal battles of will and magic ensued. The blast waves and aftershocks of these arcane fights could and did slain many in the process.

Though most Tarakonians could use wands and other devices, few actually wielded real magic. Seeing the threat before them all, the continent once again united against a greater foe. By this time few mages were left, though these included the most powerful.

In a cunning plan, the final five Archmages were lured to a final duel for supreme mastery. As they faced off, their armies attacked. However, they did not fight each other but went straight for the Archmages themselves. Thousands were killed in this last epic fight. When the magical energies subsided and the dust settled though, the Archmages were dead.

What mages remained were weak in comparison and easy to track down. The anguish of the people ensured that every last one was found and killed. Their knowledge was either destroyed or buried and the people but magic out of their minds. Though it had brought Tarakona great power, it had also reaped great despair.

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The Archmages War

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