The Dragon Wars

What knowledge there is of the Dragon Wars is known only through song and myth, passed down through the generations. At some time, over 2,000 years ago, the continent of Tarakona was ruled by Dragons. The Dragons were so numerous that every settlement, large and small, had a dragon patron, overseer or other sort of guiding force. Some of the Dragons were feared, some of them were worshiped and every inch of Tarakona was their domain.

For reasons only the True Gods know, irreconcilable disagreements broke out among the Dragon Lords. Soon armies were formed and alliances made. Many settlements came together from different backgrounds in the name of the Dragon Lords.

Massive battles raged all over Tarakona. Men, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and the monstrous races fought pitched battles on the ground as the Dragons grappled overhead. For decades this continued. Even after the races of Tarakona had exhausted themselves the Dragons continued to fight.

Disheartened, their numbers a fraction of what they were, the races of Tarakona secretly gathered together. They came to the conclusion that to survive, they must join forces against the Dragon Lords. Tarakona would be rid of dragons forever, or they would die in the attempt.

From years of constant warfare, few were untrained in the art of battle. Many were even equipped with weapons and armor enchanted by the Dragon Lords to combat their brethren. United together, the crusade began.

Surprise and numbers were on their side. Despite massive amounts of casualties the races had taken, the Dragons were few and had killed many of each other as well. Moreover they were so engrossed in their own disputes and conflicts, that at this point none of them paid any heed to lesser beings. Success for the races came surprisingly easy. In a few years, they had slaughtered many of the most powerful Dragon Lords.

The Dragon Lords were never able to sufficiently rally against the races of Tarakona. Whatever disagreements they had were so great that their eminent demise was not enough to reconcile them. The resolve of the crusade was great. Not until every last dragon in Tarakona was hunted down and destroyed did the races of Tarakona finally rest.

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The Dragon Wars

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