The War for the Dead

Through rumor, vision and personal recollections of a select few, it is known that not even the True Gods always at peace. However, never had it, nor has it since, spread into the lands of the mortals like it did a millennia ago. The War for the Dead centered on the ascension of the youngest of the True Gods, the Raven Queen.

Unknown until this time, the souls of the dead were not free but trapped and used by Nerull, God of the Dead. Agents of the Raven Queen began, at this time, to spread word of this atrocity. Great effort was made to spur anger among the people of Tarakona and the increasing rise of the undead made it all the easier. Many are sure clandestine help by some of the other True Gods also served to create uproar.

Once the word had spread thoroughly, the Raven Queen took advantage of her engineered situation and brought war upon Nerull, his necromancer follwers and the growing legions of undead. Whole nations took sides as dissenters fled their homes and battle lines were drawn. Though most of the civilized nations sided with the Raven Queen, the majority of the uncivilized, monstrous races sided with Nerull. With the addition of the undead, the opposing sides were evenly matched.

Twenty years of battle ensued. Eventually the tide turned in the Raven Queen’s favor. While the armies of Tarakona held the necromancers and their undead at bay, the Raven Queen, with a cadre of her chosen, infiltrated Nerull’s divine palace. None of her champions were ever seen again, but her success was revealed when the necromancers’ power faded and the undead dropped, lifeless, to the ground. Through an agreement with the True Gods, the souls of the dead would no longer be enslaved and the Raven Queen took up the mantle of God of Death.

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The War for the Dead

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