The Wizard's Room of Ice and Fire

The room is completely white, as befits an Ice Wizardess. The surfaces in the room are ”smoke and mirrors”, which means that you can never be exactly sure if you see something, or what, exactly, you are looking at. Much Wizardary has gone into creating tactile, visual and auditory effects. I, The Mistress of Ice and Fire (though my friends call me Theirestra), will now attempt to describe it to your uninitiated mind, although in some ways, the room alone will reveal its secrets, like a Pandora’s Box.

At the heart of the room is a burning flame which burns with a magnesium light.The flame eminates from a white and silver chalice,which stands on a raised platform.The mirrors in the room,made of Ice, are situated in such a way as to magnify the light from the flames.They do not melt.In contrast, there are some dark inky black corners in the room where the Spider Cat likes to repose.The play of light and shadow has a chiaroscuro effect.

The floor of the room is covered entirely with the hides of wild beasts and white fur animal skins.On the ceiling is a silken canopy,and images of The Planets and Astral Bodies pass across the ceiling in unison with Nature and the movement of the stars.

On the walls ther are many elaborate maps of the Olde Worlde and etchings of things in Nature.Many unseen animals,now extinct following the great earthquake,can be seen in my collection of paintings which is of considerable value.

I have no need for a bed,for I take little rest.Should you come to call, you will often find me in a trance,luxiarating on the floor,and listening to one of my magic-inspired songs.

You will, my friends,find tranquility and excitement for your senses in my room.I hope you will be seduced into spending time with me when we are resting away from our battles and encounters.

You do not need to worry should you need food or raiment.My Spider Cat is renouned for consorting with thieves.And I can produce myself all that you require.

My friends,I welcome you as adventurers to my world.

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The Wizard's Room of Ice and Fire

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