Theirastra's Background

I am Theirastra, mistress of ice and fire. It is by accidental design that I have ventured to the New Land. A vague historian tells us that my ancestors of the Feyworld chanced upon Tarikona some 1,500 years ago. The fire of an earthquake cracked open the watery veil between this and the Feyworld, and out of this necessary destruction came about the presence of Fey Eladrin and the reconstruction of a New World.

Thus, our presence is felt in our absence, as we move in the gaps between this world and the Feyworld, and we conjure ourselves and move, with a sleight of hand or wand between the parallels.

With some ceremony, I remind you of my familiar, Spider Cat, who is here and away. You will be aware of the icy, spider webs he leaves in his wake. Yet, when he returns, as he has yet to do, his presence will be illusive.

Some say he is by the docks, but he moves with such agility and speed to catch him is to hold a lightening bolt in your hands, or to catch a thief. Soon, he will return with the moonstones, the stone of sorcerers. Or else he will return with a thief whose speed, cunning and dexterity I will embrace in all my magical arts.

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Theirastra's Background

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