Founding of King’s Hope

With the conclusion of the Ogre War came an unexpected benefit, ogre power. Either willing working or not, ogres began to provide a unique tool to The Empire. Heavier and more daring construction was the first obvious benefit, but quickly the idea of ogre powered ships was developed and tested.

Though large, bulky and without the gracefulness of a sailed ship, an ogre ship is powered by the great strength of ogre rowers. Without the reliance on wind, the Atreides Ocean suddenly became more manageable. New expeditions across the Atreides swiftly became possible and the city of King’s Hope was soon founded.

Duke Austin was chosen as governor and boat loads of settlers, commoners and nobility alike, found their way to the new city in record time. The lure of land, untapped resources and adventure constantly fills boats heading across the Atreides Ocean. It is expected that other cities will quickly be founded as well.

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Founding of King’s Hope

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