Half Orcs Join Civilization

Though thought to be rumor and superstition for years, Half-Orcs were real. Until this time they had been enslaved by the Orcs and rarely if ever spoken of. Till this day, no one knows how they came to be. As slaves, they were traded and sold often and no Half-Orc knew of its family.

As this small population increased in number, so did its desire for freedom. Eventually, several small groups of Half-Orcs freed themselves from captivity. Living in small, mobile camps, for years their only focus was on freeing the rest of their race. Just over three hundred years ago they accomplished their goal.

Quickly moving out of the wilds, the Half-Orcs quickly became more and more civilized. Soon, they made concerted efforts to join society. They were shunned and ridiculed at first, but slowly made progress. Though to this day they still engender some resentment and hostility, they won acceptance to the Empire 300 years ago in a very civilized and diplomatic manner.

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Half Orcs Join Civilization

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