Sometimes, the best way to get a feel for the dynamic of a group is to examine how each character feels for the others. Here’s Karaks quick asessment of each of his party mates.

  • Pip An Elven Woodsman and Hunter Extraordinaire

A professional, I knew a few like him in the war. He has a framiliarity for adventure I hope I never acquire. Not that i’m not glad to have him along, but I get the disturbing feeling that he’s done all of this before.

  • Herc A savage half-orc warrior. -Later

Her powers may be alien to me, but I share her restless spirit. The few casters powerful enough to be on the battlefield almost never got close enough to the fighting to see me. I find myself chasing after her as often as not. Surely she is on the path to great power.

  • Ardjuna A mysterious tactician, a prince in exile from the unknown land of Hindaea.

He reminds me of me when I was his age. Where I used my brawn he uses his brain. It’s a mighty mind he does have, but even that is no weapon on it’s own. Too much book learning, to much fine living. Perhaps while he’s with us, he can learn to feel his decisions instead of plan them. Then he’ll be able to lead men instead of direct them. Maybe that’s why Kord sent that storm to snatch his ship.

I’ve seen holy men in platemail before, Ember is different. It’s her conviction and her faith that elevates her in the eyes of Bahamut, not any illusions she holds about chivalry or decency. She knows the true meaning of honor.

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