The Atreides Ocean and the New Land

The Atreides Ocean to the west has always been known as a violent, storm ridden body of water. However rumor has always spoke of a land of riches on the other side. Of course, many attempted to make the crossing in the hopes of finding these riches. No one had ever returned, until 150 years ago.

Captain Richard King and his ship the Dawn’s Light, limped back into harbor a wreck. More than three fourths of her crew was dead or lost and her main sail was a jury rigged tower of scrap. Though it was weeks before any of the survivors were healthy enough to give their tale, what they told was of a pristine, untouched land.

Word of this new land quickly spread. Many more attempted the crossing, but precious few were ever seen from again. It seemed that the Atreides would continue to crush any man daring to make a home on this new land.

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The Atreides Ocean and the New Land

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