The New Land

The New Land is how the citizens of The Empire refer to the continent west of the Atreides Ocean. Though it was discovered over a hundred years ago, it has only recently been accessable freely due to ogre power. About a year ago, the city of King’s Hope was founded in the New Land. It is hoped to be the first of many settlements to come.

The easternmost mass of land which contains King’s Hope is cut off from the rest of the continent by a ten mile wide trench. The Scar is on the westernmost part of the Eastern Landmass, and it runs all the way from north to south. As of this moment it is filled with undead creatures which prevent most communication and travel between the western lands of the New Land and the eastern landmass.

The Company of Adventurers managed to create a path through the undead of the Scar in the vicinity of the Tower. On the other side of the Scar, the Adventurers found a pass through the mountains. Immediately on the other side of the mountains there are Orcs. To the southwest, within the hills and lesser mountains, there is a small city of Goliaths.

Far to the south and west, completely hidden and unknown to the settlers of the Eastern Landmass, lies the ancient land of Hindaea. The only information thereof is the incredible and dubious tales reported by the stranded “Prince” Ardjuna.

The New Land

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