The Ogre War

The ogres had long lived in the lands to the north of the Empire. Though occasional skirmishes occurred, it was generally a quiet area. Eighteen years ago, however, the ogres attacked in force, sacking the city of Tarpentia.

Duke Austin, Lord of Tarpen and Governor of Tarpentia, did not take initial warnings of ogre movement seriously. His mistake was made clear as he fled his burning city with the other survivors. (It should be noted that he later redeemed himself and became one of the war’s greatest heroes.) This began the 16 year long Ogre War.

Though the reason for their attack has never been fully understood, it took near total subjugation of the ogres to end the war. While some surrendered freely, most had to be forced into slavery. Those who did surrender are allowed a generally free life and most feel they are quite a boon to the Empire.

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The Ogre War

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